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Finished ultralight wooden boat Thomas J. Hill Boat Designs


The Atwood Traveler Boat Plans $75.00

Pamet Blue Boat
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Atwood Traveler

length: 15'
beam 28"
weight: 39 lbs.

A solo double paddle canoe. This fast, straight tracking canoe is a larger version of the 11' 6" Charlotte. She can accommodate a 225 lb. person and a weeks worth of gear. The boat pictured here was built for Peter Spectre when he was an editor at WoodenBoat Magazine. These photos are from the story about the Adirondacks he wrote in issue #115.

If you are wondering about the strength of these boats, Tod Marder of Talkeetna, Alaska built one just like the one pictured here and then paddled it 7,165 miles from New York City to Nome, Alaska.

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