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2012 NFL salary cap set by $120.six millionBy Step right up! (Getty Images)

Two days ahead free proxy NFL teams finally got the official ceiling they'll be experienced to spend on their personnel. The federation has set the salary crown at $120.six million per crew a slight increase over 2011's graph of $120.375 million. That's never an faultless numeral,though -- per the present collective bargaining approval teams are able apt reel untouched crown money from 2011 into their present graph and loan $1.5 million from the 2013 diagram apt fashion an adjusted crown Teams need to be among compliance with the crown at the begin of the union daily which namelnfl jerseys cheap y 4 p.m. ET aboard March 13.

What the tight crown digit immediately affects, as is the franchise tag amount for each team The only team that doesn't additionally know their franchise label diagram namely the , who placed the exclusive tender aboard quarterback Drew Brees. The rules state that while the non-exclusive franchise numbers are decided onward a formula that takes amid the last five years of tags,preferential tenders are decided forward accruing the numbers as the five highest-paid players at a position at the abolish of the restricted-free-agent signing period.

The kill of that duration is April 20, which places an even larger burden abcheap jerseyoard the Saints apt sign Brees to a long-term contract and get that crown number down so they can corner their attention apt additional key free agents. The 2012 franchise label digit for quarterbacks namely $14.436 million,yet Brees ambition get more as of his characteristic designation. You can peruse the formula as the non-exclusive franchise tender total but I'd exhort a couple of Advil onward you swoop into that one.

Here are the franchise name numbers as every position, and the opener players who have been franchised:

Quarterback ($14.436 million): Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints afresh exclusive-rights label want put the final numernfl jerseys cheapal higher).

Running Back ($7.742 million): Matt Forte, Chicago Bears; Ray Rice, Baltimore Ravens.

Wide Receiver ($9.51 million): Dwayne Bowe, Kansas City Chiefs; Wes Welker, New England Patriots; DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles.

Tight End ($5.446 million): Fred Davis, Washington Redskins.

Offensive Linemen ($9.383 million): No franchised players.

Defensive End ($10.605 million): Calais Campbell, Arizona Cardinals; Cliff Avril, Detroit Lions; Robert Mathis, Indianapolis Colts behind agreed apt a four-year contract extension).

Defensive Tackle ($7.960 million): No franchised players.

Linebacker ($8.856 millioncheap mlb jerseys): Anthony Spencer, Dallas Cowboys.

Cornerback ($10.281 million): Brent Grimes, Atlanta Falcons.

Safety ($6.212 million): Tyvon Branch, Oakland Raiders; Dashon Goldson, San Francisco 49ers; Michael Griffin, Tennessee Titans.

Kicker/Punter ($2,nfl jerseys cheap.654 million): Mike Nugent, Cincinnati Bengals; Matt Prater, Denver Broncos; Josh Scobee, Jacksonville Jaguars; Steve Weatherford, New York Giants; Connor Barth, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (Note: Cleveland Browns kicker Phil Dawson was tagged by a higher numeral -- $3.81 million -- as players who are tagged for the second direct season get 120 percent of their position's tender number.
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  • ¡®A Football Life¡¯ sets its sights aboard SweetnessBy paytonThe dare of any documentary of a story is to find a new angle to outlook the fable from. With Walter Payton, that's never an easy task. The Hall of Famer has been written almost documented and covered to the nth degree,especially in my hometown of Chicago.brbrAs a Payton fan since birth, I've eaten up every bit of that documentation. His "SportsCentury"along ESPN has save-until-I-delete status aboard my DVR,nike nfl jerseys, and I plan to borrow and peruse a duplicate of "Sweetness"by Jefdiscount nfl jerseysf Pearlman. It's tough to impress me with again look by No. 34. But?the NFL Network's "Sweetness: A Football Life" succeeded.brbrThe?documentary's overarching theme was Payton's lasting effect aboard the game. It established it early according using video of Payton running his famous mound and appearances from Ray Lewis, LaDainian Tomlinson and Ryan Williams. Each actor said they modeled their work ethic after Payton. LT showed the mound he built within his backyard amid San Diego so that he could be favor Payton,but really LT? That was a molehilmajestic jerseysl after to Payton's mountain.brbrThe documentary likewise gives a easily honest watch by Payton's personal life. In the wake of adultery allegations made within Pearlman's paperback the revelation that Payton's marriage to Connie wasn't image perfect isn't current What namely current namely that Connie talks virtually the whispers she heard almost her husband meantime still discussing how she loved him.brbrbrbrsmilypayton"A Football Life"likewise sheds current light aboard Payton's early profession within Chicago. When looking along his professionhl jerseysn as a whole it can be easy to forget how bad Chicago was meantime Payton was first drafted,alternatively that he ran for naught yards among his 1st game. There namely also plenty of period spent aboard Payton's friendship with fullback Matt Suhey, including the fact that Payton once accustom.brbrThe folk who knew Payton best, including his home Suhey and Mike Ditka, are talked to, as well as the folk who covered him. Don Yaeger and Pearlman,either Payton biographers, are given important roles throughout. The one inclusion I don't obtain namely Anhl jerseysshton Kutcher. He namely billed as a Payton fan since birth,merely his Hollywood shtick makes him a morsel over the altitude I'm never comfortable having the man after"Punk'd"represent me and other Bears fans.brbrIt does drag at times The segment on Payton never scoring a touchdown surrounded the Super Bowl was overwrought. After making the point that Payton was upset almost never scoring in the Bears 46-10 rout, Payton's symbol of drawing defenders, and the truth that he did have five opportunities inside the 10-yard line are discussed. But afteice jerseysrwards it goes aboard and aboard and aboard and on virtually how outrageous he was, and it equitable seems unnecessary.brbrThough I've watched Payton's "SportsCentury" dozens of times, it's hard to liken the two hour-long specials aboard Payton. "SportsCentury" aired fewer than two years after Payton's death, and starts with his memorial service along Soldier Field. It talked about the wisecracking and hard-running Payton. While "A Football Life" includes that, it gives a more expansive outlook aboard the man and his lasting clash aboard the gameauthentic adidas nba

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