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Finished ultralight wooden boat Thomas J. Hill Boat Designs


"The Long Point" Boat Plans $75.00

The Long Point
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The Long Point

length: 15' 10"
beam 5' 2"
weight: 400 lbs.

The Long Point was designed for fishing in Cape Cod Bay. I wanted a flat bottom skiff that would draw a minimum amount of water to allow us to negotiate the Pamet Harbor at low tide and also be good for fishing the flats and marshes. She also needed to be deep and have a high bow for trips off shore, 15 miles from home. I designed her to be rugged with 1 1/2" thick bottom. I wanted a bottom that wouldn't oil-can when pounded into a chop. The bottom also had to be strong enough on its own - without floor frames - so she would be easy to clean and refinish. The flat bottom allows her to be beached bold upright for picnics or clamming.

This boat was designed around the Honda 15 hp long shaft. I wanted a quiet, throaty sounding engine that would push her over 20 mph and cruise all day on less than 3 gallons of gas. This boat does not need more horsepower! I built mine with a center console so I could stand and steer when pounding to windward, but she would work fine as a tiller-steered skiff.


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